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Wedding Inquiries


Here at Bountiful Brookfield Blooms we do provided services for weddings. We grow outdoor seasonal flowers, that is available from beginning/mid June until third week of September, that we can make into bride and bridesmaid bouquet or various arrangements for weddings. Everything we use for wedding flowers we grow on our farm and flower availability changes with the season. What we have available at the beginning of June will vary depending on what the weather is like in April and May.



     Brides Bouquet                       $30 to $50

     Bridesmaid Bouquets             $20 to $30

     Boutonnières                           $7 to $10

     Arbor Arrangements              $50 to $200 (will vary on size of arbor)

     Table Arrangements               $10 to $50 

     Random Stems                        Will vary depending on type of flowers.

Due to what flowers we do grow there are some items that we do not do such as wrist corsages and table garlands.


Pick Up

We DO NOT DELIVER OR SET UP flowers to venues, all flowers will need to be picked up at our home in Brookfield, or arrangements can be made to pick up Saturday morning at the Truro Farmers Market


Some Flowers We Grow

Ranunculus & Anemones - flowering from beginning June to mid July

Lupins - flowering mid/end May until mid/end June

Peonies (limited) - flowering at end of June (short flowering season 2 weeks)

Delphiniums - flowering beginning of July 

Snapdragons - start flowering mid July

Feverfew - starts flowering mid July

Lilies - mid July to mid August

Lisianthus - starts flowering end of July

Dahlias (main flowers) - starts flowering end of July (full bloom starting mid August)

Sunflowers - starts blooming mid to end August

We do have an array of other annual and perennial flowers and greenery that we use throughout the season. Some examples of greenery would be dogwood, magnolia, willows and linden. We do grow eucalyptus however this greenery is not available until mid August.


Contact & Payment Info


We do not provide wedding flowers from third week of September to beginning/mid-June. The best way to contact us is through our Facebook or Instagram pages as you will get a quicker response or at . It is best to send messages to both as when we get into peak season we don't get around to answering our gmail account every day. Some of the recommendations that we suggest to those that are interested in our services is to make an appointment a week or two before the wedding to come to our farm and see what in bloom and to discuss details. We do not require a deposit and we can take several forms of payments such as cash, etransfer, paypal or debit and credit tap. 


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