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We would like to thank everyone for supporting our farm, and we try to accommodate everyone the best we can. However, due to the overwhelming demand for dahlia tubers the last couple of years we have had to be a bit more tighter with our conditions of sales. We cannot change orders once they have been completed, if you want to add more quantities of a tuber variety you will need to place another order. There is a MINIMIUM ORDER OF 5 TUBERS, if an order is less than 5 tubers your order will be cancelled and you will not be refunded. If you need to cancel an order (for any reason) we will cancel but there will be a cancellation fee of 50% of the total of your order to cover transaction fees and our time it takes to deal with the order. There will be NO COMBINED SHIPPING FEES, if you place multiple orders you will have to pay a separate shipping and handling fee for each order. We will condense your order into one box at time of shipping so that you don't have multiple shipments arriving. All orders will be shipped Canada Post, expedited shipping (3 to 7 days east coast & 5 to 10 days west coast), and there will be a flat shipping and handling fee of $30 for all orders regardless of were you live. THERE WILL BE NO PICK UP OPTIONS at our farm as we are extremely busy that time of the year. 

Dahlia Tubers:


We offer dahlia tubers, this would be a single tuber (not clumps) with at least one eye. All our dahlias are grown here on our farm in Brookfield, NS.

Shipping Date:


We will begin shipping of orders between April 1st to 15th, depending on weather. We will ensure that the tubers have at least one eye and are solid.


Visual (damage, not viable, rotted): If there are any issue with your tubers upon arrival, please contact us within one week of delivery and send pictures of the tubers. We will help identify the issue with the tubers, and refund the cost of the tuber if we deem that the tubers rotted during shipping or does not have a viable eye. There will be no refunds after one week post delivery as we cannot control how customers deal with the tubers once they receive them, nor will we be responsible for tubers left in mailboxes during cold weather. We highly recommend to pick your orders up ASAP, as we will send tracking numbers with all orders.

Mismarked: If a variety is not true to the label (does happen as we grow quite a significant amount of dahlias) please notify us via email no later than October 1st. Please send us a pic and we will help you identify it. If the variety is mislabeled we will send you a refund but only if we are notified by October 1st.

Substitutions: We do not offer substitutions. If we cannot fill an order either by tubers rotting in storage or not having viable eyes, we will contact you and issue a refund.

Payment: We accept secure payments PayPal and we also except credit/debits cards. There will be NO COMBINED SHIPPING CHARGES, if multiple orders are placed.

Cancellations: Customers have the right to cancel their orders until their orders have been shipped. However, cancelled orders will only be refunded 50% of the total cost of their order to cover transaction and handling fees. Bountiful Brookfield Blooms will not charge a cancellation fee if we are the ones cancelling the order due to crop failure or insufficient quantity.

Bountiful Brookfield Blooms
41 Upper Brookfield Rd
Brookfield, NS
Canada B0N 1C0

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